Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-NapocaCentrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca

• Celebration of 10 years of existence in November 2014 ;
• Experience in training volunteer coordinators (training and consultancy);
• Experience in offering consultancy to other organizations/ institutions in developing volunteering programs;
• 13 editions of “The National Week of Volunteering” held in Cluj-Napoca;
• 8 editions of “Community Involvement Prize Awarding Gala” held in Cluj-Napoca;
• 82 young people sent to volunteering stages in other countries in Europe and 60 foreign volunteers hosted in volunteering stages in Cluj-Napoca, since 2010 (through European Voluntary Service);
• Over 30 volunteering implemented projects since the organization’s establishment;
• Over 350 volunteers recommended each year to organizations and institutions in Cluj-Napoca;
• Excellence award in the “European Voluntary Service” category presented by the “Community Programs for Education and Professional Development Agency ” (march 2014);
• Award in “Volunteering Centre of the year” category in the first 3 editions (2011, 2012, 2013) of the “National Gala of Volunteers”, organize by the Volum Federation.

Site: www.centruldevoluntariat.ro
facebook: www.facebook.com/centruldevoluntariat