OSS ClujAsociația Organizația Studenților Stomatologi din Cadrul Univ. de Medicină și Farmacie Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj-Napoca

1. The International Dental Medicine Congress for Students "DENTis" : Celebrating in 2014 its 15th edition and serving the purpose of helping students to prepare for their future, through conferences and workshops by using the expertise of local and foreign medics;
2. “Dăruiește Zâmbind” (Give away, smiling): Has the purpose, since 2010, of bringing happiness to those, that perhaps, have forgotten what that feels like. Thus, We intend to organise two events every year, which will take place right before the winter and easter holidays. The ones who will benefit from this will be the children whose families might not be able to provide for them.
3. “Profilaxie”: A project based on idea promoted in most of the evolved European countries. This project's volunteers intend to contribute to de evolution of Romanian Dentistry, with the end goal of meeting higher international standards, by promoting the importance of prevention when it comes to dental affections.
4. “Open Days”: During this project we collaborate with the other two student organisations of our faculty, OSM and OSF, for the sole purpose of helping future students find out more about their upcoming professions.
5. “Support for the first year”: This project's main purpose is the integration of freshmen from our faculty in our wonderful family.
6. “The Freshaman Prom”
7. “InterDentis”: gives you the chance to participate to our classes and courses, relevant to academic year, for an entire week, at one of the partner faculties.
8. “StomaFUN”: We're all aware how important entertainment is in our lives. This project is meant to offer us a lot of fun socialising and moemories.
9. The “Molarul CuMinte” Magazine: Is inspired by the will to disseminate certain information, managing to be regarded as a high quality scientific publication.

• Friendship;
• Empathy;
• Socialising;
• Charity;
• Colaboration with the other NGOs of UMF.
Site: www.osscluj.ro
facebook: www.facebook.com/osscluj