OSUBBThe Students' Organization of Babeș-Bolyai University

Our largest project is Junior Summer University, the founding concept for the national project, "The Summer University for Highschool Students (ANOSR).

Other OSUBB projects:
• The UBB Festival ( UBBCultural and UBBSport);
• The UBB Caravan;
• The campaign meant to inform freshmen students;

Member of:
Since 2004, OSUBB is part of the National Alliance of the Romanian Student Organisations (ANOSR).

Things you din not know about OSUBB:
OSUBB is the only organisation from Romania that is involved the representation of all the students in UBB, the largest university in the country;
OSUBB is the only organisation that has delegated a member for ESU(European Students Union), without him being part of the OSUBB board;
OSUBB has the largest and most famous headquarters from Cluj (the yellow house in Hasdeu);
OSUBB is formed of over 300 active members.

Site: www.osubb.ro
facebook: www.facebook.com/osubb.clujnapoca