Asociația OSF Cluj-NapocaAsociația Organizația Studenților Farmaciști Cluj-Napoca

The best student organisation with a pharmacy based profile, in the country!

1.The largest pharmacy students in the country;
2. The best summer university, with a medical profile, for high school students;
3.The most successful, health related, campaigns:
a)AntiSIDA – that was awarded the prize for the best health campaign during the Pharmacy Gala;
b)AntiCancer – a campaign recognised by the World Cancer Day;
c) InfoDiabet – campaign that was awarded " The Prize for supporting the discovery and screening of diabetes" during the excellency Gala "Education and Prevention of Diabetes".

• ANOSR –The National Alliance of Student Organisations of Romania;
• FASFR –The Romanian Federation of Student Associations;
• ESU – European Student Union;
• EPSA – European Pharmaceutical Students Association;
• IPSF – – International Pharmaceutical Students Federation.

C. Imagine: Last but not least, the team that coordinates this organisation is formed of girls rare beauty!

facebook: OSF