G.I.B. ClujAsociația Grupul de Inițiativă Basarabeană din Cluj-Napoca (G.I.B. Cluj)

GIB takes pride in:
• a project initiated by its volunteers, by the name "AdmiteRO", in 2011, which has already reached its fourth edition at a national level. We started with just a tent and ended up having 15 other organisations helping us with this project;
• two cultural projects through which we defined our identity in our Cluj-Napoca family: The Basarabia Festival and The Bucovina Festival. These projects are supported by the Cluj-Napoca Municipality and the universities;
• the volunteers, even so far from home, show great initiative by making the most out of their values and ideas year after year;
• the project " Communicate and Know", that was made for freshmen, helping them to a achieve a better understanding of Cluj's community and volunteering;
• with it's team, that over the years, has supported GIB no matter the distance between them;
• with its team spirit and the will to be involved in as my European projects as possible;
• with new ideas and projects, social campaigns and social experiments;
• the campaign " Moldova, Eu Votez" (Moldavia, I vote);

Site: www.gibcluj.ro
facebook: www.facebook.com/PaginaGIBCluj