SHARE Prioritások

Kolozsvár 2015 irányelvei
A Kolozsvár 2015 Európa Ifjúsági Fővárosa a SHARE koncepció köré van felépítve.



These are the priorities of the program:

• WE SHARE CULTURE AND PATRIMONY, because we are the heart of Transylvania, the region with multicultural atmosphere and incredible population, fabulous castles, majestic mountains, lakes, we are part of the European culture and we want the European culture to come to Cluj-Napoca
• WE SHARE WORK, because we are the second bigger university centre from Romania, we are an academic and economic regional power, we host local branches of the best youth organizations from the world, we have creativity, we are innovative and our work is dignified to be shared, we want to learn from Europe, from Europe’s youth, we want to share from our vast knowledge and European experiences
• WE SHARE SPACE, because we started to see the markets and public spaces and we still have a lot of places which needs to be revitalized, occupied, made livable and of the best ways to do this is through involving the creativity of the European youngsters. We want to share our personal microclimate and make it even more European than it is now.
• WE SHARE POWER, because we have a lot of power, we are about 200.000 youth souls in Cluj-Napoca, which already changed perceptions and perspectives and made the city even more livable. We are an asset of Europe still undiscovered and with our European Youth Capital we can prove our power and creativity.
• WE SHARE JOY, because we are happy, we are glad to spend some quality time, we have a lot of fun places, where we can be together, exchange ideas, experiences, dreams. It’s a quality time, a crucial experience for us, the life is not so valuable without joy and youngsters can offer a very good answer about the way in which you can live your life
• WE SHARE VISION, because the youth is the future of Europe and Cluj-Napoca wants to be part of the future of Europe. We are the first generation where west, south, north and east Europe will form together what will be Europe in the next 20-30 years
• WE SHARE EUROPEAN, because we are part of Europe, a community of over 400 millions of souls and being European is a way of living, thinking and building a lasting future for us and for our children
• WE SHARE RESPONSIBILITY for the projects developed by local authorities and civil society organizations involved in this program. Thus, these actors can play at least the same role in the society as the companies with their CSR policies.
• WE SHARE ALSO THE REGION because Transylvania is one of the most colored regions from Europe having history, natural characteristics and the most balanced climate from all Europe.