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“DECIDE” will link together associations and public bodies from Italy and from 2015 and 2016 EYCs, Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Ganja in Azerbaijan, in order to build up policy proposals in different fields of action. D.E.C.I.D.E. project foresees three main moments of debate about youth participation, access to rights, volunteering, youth employment, social cohesion. 1) The first meeting (3 working days) will be in Cluj Napoca during November-December 2015. We will participate in events to celebrate the EYC and we would like to organize a 3-days meeting with local administrators to discuss about the third phase of the IV Cycle of Structured dialogue which is about Youth Empowerment and access to rights. 2) The second meeting (3 working days) will be in July 2016 in Ganja (Azerbaijan) that is the 2016 EYC. Topics of discussion will be active participation, volunteering. 3) The final meeting (4 working days) will be held in Viterbo in November 2016. We will summarize all work done until that moment and draft the final policy document to submit to both the European Youth Forum and local/regional councils.
The conference's purspose is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to make people aware of nutrition's and dietitian's importance in everyday life. The conference adresses to the general public and the specialized staff from the health domain, being a favorable environment to gather all the specialists, academic teachers, students and nutrition passionate people.
“Understanding Europe” was born out of the need to solve a problem that affects the youth in the Romanian society, as well as in the European one, more specifically, the low level of consciousness they possess in regards to what it means to be an active European citizen. The project desires to promote the involvement of young ones in society and to familiarize them with the idea of being a Member State of the European Union. It also aligns with the mission of our organization, which is to “help develop the civil society in a European context, thru supporting the youth’s initiative for attaining performance in a competitive environment”. Moreover, the project also has the purpose of raising the social responsibility of high school youngsters in a European context and to convince the young people to be an active component of society, thus leading, thru involvement and participation in public affairs, to the growth of the European civil society. Students must become aware of the fact that they play an important part in the European society and a more appropriate training and education is required.
PolisportPolisport este un eveniment bianual ce presupune organizarea de competiţii sportive între studenţi. Este primul mare eveniment sportiv la care vor participa studenţii în noul an universitar. Dezvoltă munca în echipă, relaxarea şi socializarea între tineri şi implicit de susţinere reciprocă. Polisport cuprinde 14 competiţii sportive, de la tradiţionalul fotbal, volei, viteză, şah, înot până la paintball, tir, karting. Evenimentele s-au desfăşurat la nivel de Cluj în diferite locaţii din acesta.
William Shakespeare: Julius CaesarJulius Caesar több mint valoszínű, hogy Shakespeare legkeményebb politikai drámája, és egyben csodás is az időszerűsége miatt. Brutus által rendezett Republikánus párt összeesküvése polgárháborút és pusztulást hoz Rómába.
“For many strange prodigies and apparitions are said to have been observed shortly before the event. As to the lights in the heavens, the noises heard in the night, and the wild birds which perched in the forum, these are not perhaps worth taking notice of in so great a case as this. Strabo, the philosopher, tells us that a number of men were seen, looking as if they were heated through with fire, contending with each other; that a quantity of flame issued from the hand of a soldier’s servant, so that they who saw it thought he must be burnt, but that after all he had no hurt. As Cæsar was sacrificing, the victim’s heart was missing, a very bad omen, because no living creature can subsist without a heart. One finds it also related by many, that a soothsayer bade him prepare for some great danger on the ides of March. When the day was come, Cæsar, as he went to the senate, met this soothsayer, and said to him by way of raillery, ‘The ides of March are come’; who answered him calmly, ‘Yes, they are come, but they are not past.’” (Plutarch:Parallel Lives)