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Free Pregnancy Tests and Free UltrasoundWe offer free pregnancy tests and free ultrasound for the persons who have a positive pregnancy test.
Pre Abortion CounselingWe offer free pre abortion counseling for women who are pregnant and scared/confused about this situation.
Post Abortion CounselingWe counsel women that have faced an abortion and that suffer from its emotional and psychological consequences.
O.S.C Training ProgramThe main purpose of this project is to help students with their personal development. Taking into account this purpose, throughout the entire academic year we will organise, for our volunteers, trainings on different subjects (time management, leadership,public speaking, organisational culture etc.). This project will have two types of activities: the trainings for volunteers who already passed this program and who would like to learn how to hold a training by themselves and the trainings for younger volunteers who would like to learn things only for their personal development.The trainings will be held by older volunteers who already obtained a certificate or who participated in many trainings and they are capable to share the information with others.