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Egyetemista lélekből/Din suflet de student

Din suflet de student este un proiect dedicat pentru ajutorarea unor case de copii şi bătrâni de Crăciun. Se strâng donaţii şi obiecte/jucării, iar timp de o zi voluntarii au fost prezenţi la casele de copii şi bătrâni din Cluj.
Kiállítás/ExhibitonExhibition for the Hungarian students from the University of Fine Arts Cluj-Napoca
Lélek a lélekért/Soul for soul
This is another project that already became a tradition in the O.S.C calendar.

Each year we try to blend our chemistry knowledge with our passion for helping the ones in need. Throughout the years, our volunteers managed to organise small charitable chemistry shows and raise enough donations to help hundreds of people in need. For example, last year, we teached people in a local pub how to make chemistry experiments using substances that they already have in their pantry.In 2015 we plan to raise the bar even higher, by organising a bigger show and gathering enough donations for helping a bigger number of people
Negotiations SchoolNegotiations School is a project adressed to students who wish to complete their existing academic program with practical activities for student development. Unique in Romania, the project aims to bring value and prestige to Cluj's environment and our partners - The Faculty of European Studies, Babes-Bolyai University, SHARE Federation.
The project wil gather 40 students from the biggest university towns throughtout the country; students from the faculty of historical studies, european studies, economical studies, law studies and also students who are interested about the negotiation's domain. For 3 days they will participate in development trainings and introduction in the subject. Afterwards they will have the chance to apply their newly acquired knowledge with the help of some simulation sessions.
Mozart Fesztivál/Mozart Festival
Since its founding in 1991, the Romanian Mozart Society set as its statutory goal the cultivation of Mozart’s work and memory in Romania. The main activity through which this goal is reached is the annual organization of an international musical festival in Cluj-Napoca, generally scheduled around the date of the great composer’s death (December 5th, 1791). The festival is organized in partnership with the ”Transylvania” Philharmonic and ”Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy. It features symphonic and chamber music concerts, as well as a series of events meant to attract young people, future professional musicians and music lovers of all ages into the realm of quality music. Events include interpretation, composition and musicology competitions, masterclasses, conferences, book launches and concerts for children.

Due to a happy coincidence, the 25th edition of The Mozart Festival (Cluj Napoca, December 4th-11th, 2015) takes place the same year when Cluj is elected as European Youth Capital. The program of this jubilee edition includes two symphonic concerts performed by the ”Transylvania” Philharmonic Orchestra, two chamber music concerts, the music competition focused on Mozart’s sonatas for violin and piano, a concert for children and a symposium.

The honorary guest of the 25th edition of the festival is Robert Levin, the famous American pianist, musicologist and composer, professor at Harvard University and Doctor Honoris Causa of several universities, including ”Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy. He will play together with the American pianist Ya Fei Chuang, a soloist of international fame. The two guests will also lead the masterclasses for young piano players, for which no participation fee is required.

The young string quartet ”Arcadia” is enthusiastically welcomed by the public of the festival, the quartet representing a product of the Cluj music school and which just in a short period of time successfully won the first prizes at several prestigious international competitions, having established itself nowadays as one of the most appreciated ensembles in this category in the entire world, performing in the greatest concert halls in Europe, U.S.A and Asia.

Opera, a beloved genre of Mozart, finds its place again in the programme of the festival, through “Le nozze di Figaro”, performed by the Hungarian Opera’s great asrtists’ team.

The festival’s opening concert will feature a young Romanian-born German cello player, Valentin Răduţiu who is a laureate of numerous international competitions. The closing concert of the festival, featuring Robert Levin and Ya Fei Chuang as soloists, will be performed under the conductorship of Tiberiu Soare, one of the most interesting personalities of the young generation of Romanian conductors.