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Foglalkoztatás hónapja #Kolozsvár2015

Október a Foglalkoztatás hónapja a Kolozsvár 2015 Európa Ifjúsági Fővárosa program keretében!
temporary exhibition
temporary exhibition
European Social Forum 2 - Quality Jobs for Young PeopleThe dialogue between social partners shapes the employment policies at European, national and regional level should contribute to better governance. We are now facing situations of uncertainty and discontinuity in different sectors of the labour market. Young people on the labour market have usually part time jobs, fixed term employment contracts or informal employment relations. There is also a historically high general unemployment for young people.
Despite the high and ever-rising number of unemployed young people, we believe that the precariousness and uncertain times should not be an open door to quality-less jobs. We advocate for the development of new and existing active policies of employment that promote a smooth transition from education to quality jobs and ensure decent conditions for young people in the labour market and for a dialogue between relevant stakeholders (trade unions, youth NGOs, private and public sector, educational institutions) at all levels in order to identify this policies and active measures.
The general objective of the project is both to raise awareness of the challenges for youth on the labour market among the social partners from Romania and Europe and to identify strategies to answer to these challenges and develop quality jobs for young people.