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EMPOWERING YOUTH - ahogyan mi láttuk

A Kolozsvár 2015 csapata is kivette a részét a szombati szórakozásból. Sőt, a XXANAXX tagjait is sikerült elcsípni egy röpke interjú erejéig.
Mirages Kulturális Fesztivál/Mirages Cultural Festival
Mirages Cultural Festival is an event dedicated to integration of youngsters with special needs through theater, dance and music.
Founded in 2008, the Festival managed to gather on the same stage over 2.250 young people with or without disabilities, who performed in front of an audience of over 7.000 persons.
For many of youngsters with special needs this Festival is their single chance to have a moment of glory and be appreciated. For others, this is just an experience they could be proud of. But for all Mirages is the catalyst, the extra self-confidence they need in order to evolve, to want more from their lives. We believe that this Festival give them the opportunity for personal development and career guidance in a world where jobs are few for the persons with special needs.
You can find a short presentation of the Mirages Cultural Festival here:

Each year we bring something new on the Agenda. In 2014 we extended the Festival to a 4 days event. Among regular theater, dance and music representations we organized improvisation workshops for youngsters with special needs, who came from all over the country, and young people from regular state schools from Cluj-Napoca.
In 2014 we wanted to make the event more visible and popular to public. So, we organized a special event: “Coffee shop in the dark”. The event was a successful one: over 120 persons came an experience for 2 hours what is to live in the dark.
This is what happened on 7th edition of Mirages Cultural Festival:

For 2015 Edition we will organized another special event: “Human Library”, where youngsters with special needs will learn from successful youngsters with special needs (writers, artists, teachers) that disabilities is not a limit in the way of a career. The event will be open to the public.
Agenda of the of Mirages Cultural Festival, 8th Edition:
18 May: Coffee Shop in the dark
19 May: Human Library
20 May: Theater, music, dance and debate workshops
21-22 May: Theater, music and dance representation sustain by youngsters with or without special needs;
Free entrance! :)
For more information please visit our site: and be connected with us on Facebook: /FestivalulMiraje

Mirages Kultúrális Fesztivál
A terek kultúrán keresztül történő átváltoztatása

Day15 május: A terek kultúrán keresztül történő átváltoztatása

Fotó: Dan Bodea – a Transilvania riportere

Az esemény, hasonlóan a többi Day 15-ös kezdeményezéshez, egy olyan térhez kötődött, amely eddig elhagyatott és gondozatlan állapotban, kihasználatlanul állt, de megérdemelte, hogy újragondolják és átváltoztassák egy olyan térré, amelyet a helyi közösség örömmel használ. Egy olyan tér, ahol a fiatalok konstruktív módon, nyíltan kifejezhetik magukat.

Vasárnap reggel járt le a Kolozsvár 2015 Európa Ifjúsági Fővárosa program havi rendszerességgel megrendezett eseménye, a Day 15. A májusi hónap eseménye az „EMPOWERING YOUTH - Mini Music Fest // street art / live performance” névre hallgatott. A Day 15 és a Balcony TV Cluj/Kolozsvár csapatai is aktívan közreműködtek a két, egy címen található helység alternatív kulturális térré való átalakításában.

Mein Job“Mein Job” or “The Career Week” consists of a series of trainings and workshops with the purpose of personal and professional development of young German-speaking students, in order to prepare them for the labor market. Through these workshops, held by trainers from German companies, participants will learn how to prepare and how to present themselves at an interview by discussing themes such as “customer care” or “public speaking”. The objective of the project is also to officially launch the online platform, the only website of this type in Romania, which will contain all job offers from the Romanian German-speaking labor market.
 Csoportos bicikli Túra a Tordai hasadék és a sóbánya környékén/Guided Cycling Tour-Turda Gorge & Salina TurdaWe start out our cycling day from the western side of Cluj and for the first 10 km we are following beautiful forest-roads where beech-woods and pine-groves vary each other. Passing the forests and getting to a pasture, we are welcomed by a nice panorama and an enjoyable downhill.
We are going to cycle through villages and unpaved dirt-roads, until we get to the canyon's upper entrance. We will traverse the canyon, with its walls reaching 200 m along the Hesdat River, and cross some suspension bridges.
Leaving the 3 km long Turda Gorge, we will continue cycling towards Turda, where a fantastic underground world is awaiting us, the Salina Turda, the most amazing former salt mine in Romania.
It is the coolest underground place in the world, according to Business Insider. Boating, underground ferris-wheel and other fun surprises are waiting for us.
Transfer to Cluj.
For the exact meeting point call 0040 746 891 741
Max 7 people
Price - 65 EUR

Csoportos bicikli Túra a Tordai hasadék és a sóbánya környékén